A diamond blade offers cutting power and durability that just can’t be matched – that’s why at Direct Diamond Blades, we are proud to stock the finest and most versatile range of diamond saw blades you’re likely to find anywhere!

The most popular diamond circular saw blades sold here at Direct Diamond Blades are encompassed in the Storm Range, our flagship range of high performance, cost-effective diamond saw blades. From the compact and powerful Typhoon diamond cutting blade, to the considerably larger and more heavy-duty cutting blades like the Armageddon and Storm blades. Within this range of diamond cutting blades and diamond cutting discs are blades of all sizes and capabilities, including powerful and effective masonry blades and turbo diamond cutting blades.

The range of cutting blades available from Direct Diamond Blades include diamond saw blades with continuous edges for fast, precise cutting, segmented blades for heavier work and all-rounder blades which can handle any material and work with a variety of tasks.

When choosing a diamond blade – or any kind of cutting blade – it is important to consider the task which the blade will be performing, and the materials which it will be cutting. If you need the ability to face multiple jobs and cut a variety of materials, a high-performance all-rounder like the Storm blade may be the best choice for you – while more expensive than a smaller, specialist blade, the versatility of an all-round cutting disk may make it a better investment.

For precise cuts in masonry or concrete, a smaller masonry blade with a segmented edge like the Typhoon or Tornado may suit you better – or, alternatively, a continuous, smooth-edged cutting blade like the 300mm Cyclone Turbo Blade may be the perfect solution, allowing you to make smooth, careful cuts at high speeds.

Ultimately, the best cutting disk for the job will depend on your needs – you can talk to our experts by calling 0844 854 6754 to find the cutting blade that’s perfect for you today!

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