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Sandstorm Mortar Raking Discs are an elite, specially-designed type of mortar raking discs by Direct Diamond Blades, made from the best-performing materials and to an industry gold-standard design to ensure the best possible performance and durability. Available in trade packs of 20 blades, these blades are suitable for any mortar raking job, and these trade packs can either quickly equip an entire team or ensure a steady supply of mortar raker blades, keeping your mortar raker working well for job after job!

Designed to quickly and effectively remove the mortar from between bricks and masonry without causing any collateral damage to the brickwork, the main rival to the mortar raking disc is the abrasive disk, which is considerably cheaper but much less effective and durable. While an abrasive disc will wear out rapidly, becoming even less effective than before, the diamond edges of the 115m Sandstorm blade will make shorter work of mortar and remain effective long after dozens of abrasive disks have failed. In a trade pack of 20, the Sandstorm mortar raking disc is even better value for money, with back-up discs to replace those which wear out and ensure the work doesn’t need to stop for any reason.

A trade pack of Sandstorm blades includes 20 of our 115mm diamond-edged mortar raking blades, which are small enough to get into the mortar between bricks and rake it out rapidly. The diamond shards embedded in the blade ensure that even the most stubborn mortar is removed easily, wearing away to expose new, sharp diamonds as the old ones blunt.

This keeps your Sandstorm mortar raking blade cutting at full effectiveness long after its rivals have blunted and become useless, and with 20 of them in the pack, no task is too big!

For more information on the Sandstorm, or other mortar raking blades and trade packs available from Direct Diamond Blades, you can get in touch on  07487764854 or make an order on this page!

Less than £15 per disc!

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