115mm Sandstorm Mortar Raker Disc

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Sandstorm mortar raking discs are a new generation of high performance mortar raking discs, made from the very best materials and to the highest specification to ensure consistent top end performance and durability in this demanding application.

Designed to remove mortar from between masonry and brickwork without damaging the masonry itself, the primary rival for a mortar blade like this one is the abrasive disk, a much cheaper and less durable alternative. Where an abrasive disk will wear out very rapidly, a 115mm diamond blade like the Sandstorm Mortar Raker Blade will last through the lifespans of dozens of abrasive disks, raking out the mortar much more quickly and requiring replacement much less frequently.

With faster cutting and less frequent replacement, a mortar blade is the obvious choice – you’ll be amazed how much faster the job will get done!

The Sandstorm is our premier mortar raker blade, a 115mm diamond blade that is small and manoeuvrable enough to get in to the mortar between bricks and other masonry, raking it out quickly and effectively. The diamond edges of the mortar raker blade will make sure that even the hardest mortar is easily removed, exposing new, sharp diamonds as the old edges wear out for a longer lifespan and more effective cutting even during a marathon job.

For more information on the Sandstorm or another 115mm Diamond Blade in our selection, you can get in touch with Direct Diamond Blades on 0844 854 6754 or make an order on this page!


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