115mm Typhoon Blade

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Although the smallest blades in our Storm range, the Typhoon blades are not to be underestimated. Made with the same attention to detail and to the same specification as the larger Tornado blades, they offer high performance cutting for a range of materials.

With a segmented blade, the Typhoon Blade is able to cut through concrete and other masonry, making either prolonged cuts or smaller, precise incisions to get exactly the results you need. As a 115mm diamond blade, this blade is small and compact enough to fit in almost any kit, and gives you excellent situational cutting ability. The Typhoon Blade may be small, but this 115mm diamond blade packs a real punch.

The compact size and low weight of this blade make it easy to carry spares and ensure that you are always at optimal cutting power. With a pack of these hard-hitting 115mm blades, you’ll be able to adapt quickly to a blade wear-out or blunting, and quickly continue cutting, keeping the project on course and on schedule!

If you are interested in trying the Typhoon blade, or one of our other 115mm diamond blades, then you can make an order online on this page or call our experts on 0844 854 6754. They will be happy to help you work through your requirements and choose a blade that is perfect for the job.


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