225mm Armageddon Turbo Blade


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What can we really say about a blade like the Armageddon Turbo Blade?

With exquisitely-engineered design and construction, the Armageddon Blade offers effortless cutting on a wide variety of materials. Lightweight design and a finely-segmented diamond-edged blade make this one of our lighter and higher-speed blades, despite a comparatively large blade diameter at 225mm.

Thanks to its turbo edge, this saw blade cuts incredibly quickly, making even the most arduous cutting into a smooth, easy task. The high-grade steel used in the construction mean that the Armageddon Blade is a long-lasting and durable diamond cutting blade, and the unique design of its turbo segmentation mean that it can cool itself much more effectively than a continuous edge blade. The small cutouts to the blade allow efficient air circulation, and the shape of the individual blade segments on the cutting edge effectively clears the substrate from the edge of the blade, allowing much faster, more effective cutting.

During our field testing with this blade, our developers found that the performance and durability of the Armageddon blade exceeded all their expectations.

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