450mm Storm Multi Purpose Blade


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Easily the largest and most powerful blade available from Direct Diamond Blades, the Storm Blade is a colossal 450mm Diamond Blade, and a true multi purpose circular saw blade!

The Storm Blade is the end result of years of design and development work, and incorporates the strongest design features of all the other blades in the Storm range – a range so influenced by this superb blade that they are named for it.

As a multi purpose circular saw blade, the 450mm Storm is able to cut a huge variety of materials quickly and effectively, with the speed of a turbo blade and the strength and endurance of a segmented blade. The Storm blade itself is made from extremely high-quality steel, and has a distinctive blade edge with a widely exposed diamond matrix and regularly-spaced turbo-blade style grooving in the cutting segments, allowing extremely fast and effective cutting through even the hardest materials. The segmentation and cooling holes throughout the body of the blade allow for rapid air circulation and cooling when in use, and the turbo-blade-style grooves allow the debris and substrate to be removed from the blade’s path quickly for faster cutting.

With features of a turbo blade and a segmented blade, this multi purpose circular saw blade can handle limestone, concrete, asphalt – even reinforced concrete! As a multi purpose blade, its versatility and durability ensure that you only need one blade for a range of tasks – saving you money and time!

For more information on the 450mm Storm Blade, to discuss its suitability to your applications and projects or to place an order for one or more Storm Blades, call Direct Diamond Blades on 0844 854 6754. The experts on the other end of the line will be more than happy to speak to you about your requirements and how the Storm Blade can help you. Alternatively, you may wish to place an order online using this web page.


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