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When working in noisy environments, and in particular when working with power tools like diamond circular saws and mortar raker blades, proper ear protection is absolutely vital. Hearing protection can prevent permanent hearing loss as a result of very loud work environments, making it vital for health and safety, and foam ear protection like a pair of high-quality Ear Defenders from Direct Diamond Blades is a particularly effective way to protect your hearing from the noise of the work site.

These lightweight foam ear defenders are a comfortable and easy-to-wear bit of safety gear, with hardy plastic construction and soft foam padding to provide a good seal against the ear, as well as making the ear defenders more comfortable to wear. Their light weight and simple construction adds to this comfort and ease, making it easier than ever to protect your hearing on long jobs.

Lightweight ear defenders like these are possible due to advances in foam materials technology, keeping them effective as foam ear defenders as the weight drops and comfort increases.

The Lightweight Padded Ear Defenders specification includes:
Soft foam filled padding provides a good seal and comfort for protection against harmful noise
SNR: 25.7dB NRR: 28dB
Compliance to CE and EN351-2

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