Latex Grip Gloves – Orange


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Visually striking – and rightly so, as effective hand signalling is one of the functions of these safety gloves – the Direct Diamond Blades Latex Grip Gloves are designed to offer optimal conditions in a work glove, with a latex palm and fingers, ensuring a firm, strong grip on whatever you need to handle. Despite the heavy grip of the palm, the back of the glove is made from soft knitted fabric without a coating, allowing your hand to breathe and remain cool. This makes these gloves comfortable even during long periods of use, and helps prevent the hand from becoming sweaty inside the glove, possibly compromising grip.

With a textured grip, these latex work gloves offer a secure grip and hand protection – although as knit work gloves that protection is less on the soft fabric back side of the glove than it is on the latex palm and fingers.

The specifications of the Latex Grip Gloves are as follows:

  • Latex palm ensures the user has a firm all round grip
  • Soft knitted fabric and uncoated back allows the hand to breathe
  • Textured grip and ribbed knit wrist improves dexterity and comfort for user

If you are interested in purchasing some flexible work gloves, you can call the experts at Direct Diamond Blades on 0844 854 6754, or make a purchase on this web page!


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