Skytec Globus Torque Flex Men Work Gloves


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A durable and extremely flexible impact resistant glove reinforced at the thumb and index finger, the Skytec Globus Torque mens work gloves provide excellent hand protection without compromising on dexterity. Available in a highly visible colour for efficient hand signalling in poorly lit conditions, these flexible work gloves are hardwearing, durable and flexible, making sure you can get the work done quickly, effectively, and – most importantly of all – safely.

Hand protection is vitally important for safe work, and allows you to work more confidently. Skytec work gloves facilitate this with their easily-visible colouration, tough construction and flexibility, making these flexible work gloves the natural first choice for any professional working in areas where hand protection is necessary.

If you are interested in purchasing flexible work gloves and you want only the best protection, then the Skytec Globus Torque mens work gloves are perfect for you. You can place an order online or call Direct Diamond Blades on 0844 854 6754 for more information today!


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